La Casetta del Borgo

Trevignano Romano

House instructions

Welcome to La Casetta del Borgo! Here are some useful instructions to make your stay more comfortable.

If you have any doubts or need advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you!

The air conditioner

We inform you that due to the particular rules of the historic center, we are not able to install external motors for the air conditioner.

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to find an alternative solution soon.

La Casetta del Borgo - Air Conditioner
The air conditioner

With the arrows on the left you can adjust the temperature.

La Casetta del Borgo - Air Conditioner Setup
Air conditioner controls

In the summer season

To use it, simply place the hose outside the window and press the green button to turn it on.

La Casetta del Borgo - Air Conditioner Hose
The air conditioner pipe

Has the air conditioner stopped working?

There is a tank at the bottom rear of the appliance used to collect condensation water. In case of prolonged use, it may fill completely. If this happens or if the appliance stops working, you can open the compartment, remove the tank, empty it and then put it back in the compartment.

Remember to insert the black tube completely into the tank.

La Casetta del Borgo - Air Conditioner tank
Empty the tank

Waste management

A door-to-door waste collection service is available in Trevignano Romano.

You can leave bags right outside the front door, on the right hand side, the evening before the designated day.

Check the calendar

Since we are very attentive to the environment, we kindly ask you to pay particular attention when disposing of waste in the appropriate bins

More information can be found on the Municipality website by clicking here

The bins in the house are (from left):
  • Plastic
  • Glass and Metal
  • Undifferentiated
  • Organic waste
For Paper, being a clean waste that does not emit bad odors, we kindly ask you to use a separate bag, preferably paper.
Secchi della raccolta differenziata
Recycling buckets

Power outages

Hopefully that doesn’t happen, but there could be a power outage. If there is an overload (for example, if the air conditioner, washing machine, and hair dryer are all running at the same time), the breaker inside the wall compartment near the front door may trip. Simply open the compartment door and press the button to turn the power back on.

We remind you that there are two compartments for the power supply, use the upper one to restore the power supply.

La Casetta del Borgo - Power outage
Compartments for power supply
La Casetta del Borgo - Power outage - inside the compartment
The switch to lift

How to reach us

Via Solferino, 6 00069
Trevignano Romano (Rome) – ITALY

The most updated information for reaching Trevignano Romano can be found at this link (english available)

Once you arrive in Trevignano
Once you arrive in Trevignano
From the main square (Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III), take the street under the arch of the Clock Tower (Via Umberto I). At the third street, turn left and continue uphill. At the first turn on the right, you will find yourself in front of number 6 of Via Solferino, where the entrance door is located.

Satellite view


Via Solferino 6
Trevignano Romano (Rome)
CHECKIN 15:00 ~20:00

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