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Trevignano Romano

Let's taste Trevignano

Welcome to the delicious world of Trevignano Romano cuisine!

Enjoy the flavors of the typical dishes, in particular the delicious lake fish, served in the charming restaurants on the lake shores, a few meters from the house.

A tasty experience awaits you, as the city offers delicious restaurants practically everywhere, ensuring a truly unforgettable dining experience.

To authentically savor the region, we highly recommend the following restaurants:

Trattoria La Tavernetta

Located on the lakefront and very close to the house, this trattoria offers an unforgettable culinary experience.

Osteria La Cantinella

Located on the main square of the Town Hall, this welcoming osteria offers delicious dishes.

Il Porticciolo

Just before entering the village, this restaurant offers Just before entering the village, this restaurant offers delicious culinary creations.

La Casina Bianca

Positioned on the beach side, this restaurant surprises with its homemade pasta, fresh vegetables from their garden and tempting lake fish dishes.

Alternative offers

If you prefer a delicious picnic experience, head to “Il Cigno Ingordo” on Via delle Scalette. This newly opened restaurant not only serves succulent dishes to enjoy on site, but also prepares picnic baskets to enjoy on the beach. You can also rent bicycles for a leisurely ride around the town.

For a refreshing aperitif on the lake, we highly recommend the following places:

Bar La Vela: Enjoy your aperitif on the lakefront with a breathtaking view.

Il Gabbiano: Located near the lakeside house, this venue offers a perfect setting for a relaxing drink.

Il Giardino degli Aranci: Located on the lakefront, just before arriving at the pier square, this bar is another great option for an aperitif.

Oltre Bar: Discover this small kiosk directly on the seafront, just before arriving at the beaches.

For a pleasant start to the day, delight your palate with breakfast in the following places:

Bar Ermete: In Piazza del Comune, this excellent pastry shop continually churns out fragrant croissants.

Bar La Vela: In addition to the aperitif, they also offer excellent cakes and desserts, carefully prepared in the morning by the talented owner, Leonella.

Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure in Trevignano Romano, where each meal promises a delicious experience immersed in the city’s picturesque beauty and authentic flavors. Enjoy the diverse culinary offerings and let your palate savor the essence of this charming lakeside town.

Enjoy your meal!

How to reach us

Via Solferino, 6 00069
Trevignano Romano (Rome) – ITALY

The most updated information for reaching Trevignano Romano can be found at this link (english available)

Once you arrive in Trevignano
Once you arrive in Trevignano
From the main square (Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III), take the street under the arch of the Clock Tower (Via Umberto I). At the third street, turn left and continue uphill. At the first turn on the right, you will find yourself in front of number 6 of Via Solferino, where the entrance door is located.

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